Despite the growing interest in Big Data and alternative data sources, household surveys remain the gold-standard for the production of official statistics. It should then come as no surprise that a diverse selection of packages have been developed to facilitate working with survey data in R. # … Read more
Hisham Galal

13 minutes read

The OCHA’s Centre for Humanitarian Data has recently produce some Quick Tips for Visualising Data using examples from the COVID-19 Pandemic. It includes a tutorial explaining how to generate a Logarithmic Line Chart with Excel. This tutorial will demonstrate how to increase your productivity by … Read more
Edouard Legoupil

8 minutes read

This example is based on the note: A new index of refugee protection. It explainss the construction of a lack-of-protection index (or “index of protection risks”), a composite indicator constructed from two sub-dimensions: safety problems (18 indicators) and movement restrictions (6 indicators). To … Read more
Edouard Legoupil

21 minutes read

Geocoding location is one of the common task for many humanitarian information management officers. While the regular google is working very well in many countries, most of countries where we work are often poorly covered. is the most extensive database of toponyme. It aggregates a huge … Read more
Edouard Legoupil

7 minutes read